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Webshop for special sports


Webshop for special sports

SpeelStylDeventer is an online shop for specialised sporting goods, with a primary assortment in rhythmic gymnastics materials and shoes. They also supply boots for dancing groups and footwear for other types of gymnastics and dance.

The business was established in 2010 by Sylvia Jansen. Their daughter was practising rhythmic gymnastics at SVOD, the gymnastics club in Deventer. Clothing and materials for this sport were not readily available at the time. There was definitely room for improvement there, so Sylvia decided to take matters into her own hands. Today, her online shop,, is one of the largest online shops for rhythmic gymnasts in the Benelux.

Rhythmic gymnastics (RG) is a combination of gymnastic exercises, dance, acrobatics and choreography. Moving to music and having fun are central to RG training. During training sessions, jumps, pirouettes and balancing exercises are trained, and teamwork during group exercises. Dance moves and RG materials are also taught. Rhythmic gymnastics uses the following materials: balls, hoops, ropes, clubs and ribbons. Gymnasts also work on their flexibility, coordination and strength, and everyone can join in at their own level. RG is often taught as a specific discipline at gymnastics clubs, but there are also a few specialised RG clubs in the Netherlands.

Complete webshop

The webshop has almost 900 different items. These products come in various sizes, shapes and colours. The products are purchased from all over Europe; SpeelStylDeventer represents many brands unique to the Dutch market, such as Pastorelli, Dvillena, Papillon, Bleyer and IWA Gymnastics. The products are also sold from the showroom. However, most products are sold to customers via the webshop. SpeelStylDeventer can also often be found with a booth during national and international competitions. Sales then take place to participants from across Europe.

Expansion of the assortment

The webshop offers a complete assortment of footwear, accessories and materials for RG. Because SpeelStylDeventer represents certain brands, they have been asked to purchase materials for other sports from these brands. This has led to an expansion of the assortment. Besides RG materials, supplementary materials are also available for different dance styles, including dancing shoes, boots for dance groups and country boots. Dance apparel is also sold to members of various dance schools. Moreover, SpeelStylDeventer can also order sports equipment upon request through the webshop.

Export Countries

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