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Sports lighting

Sports clubs use an enormous amount of energy, partly thanks to the field lighting. is a knowledge and realisation partner in the field of making sports accommodations more sustainable. Martin Bolderman has been advising sports clubs and business cases in LED lighting together with his team from 2016. His main objective is replacing the conventional lighting by LED of top brands sells. A saving of 50% and a payback time of 5 years are no unusual numbers anymore at the present.

Managing function offers insight
Bolderman has ‘seen the light’ to found his own company during his board function at a sports club. For requesting quotations for the replacement of pole lights, no clear light plan or overview of the costs and the payback time for the purchase of new lamps was delivered. Martin: “There should be a different way. That is how I started to approach manufacturers myself. Quickly building a website and making flyers is then also a first step in order to make visible.”

Cost savings for a sports club
The greatest expense on the energy bill is often the field lighting. In addition to quotations, Martin makes a savings case, a light plan and maps out the subsidy possibilities. By approaching manufacturers, Bolderman has four top brands of LED-lighting (AAA-LUX, Lumosa, Philips and Cree) in-house. With these brands, the right light output and evenness is offered for every sport, in several different price ranges. has supplied over 50 sports clubs with new LED lighting, including the stadium of hockey club Rotterdam. The projects are delivered to sports clubs turnkey.

Partnership with Heijmans
In May 2018, has entered into a partnership with Heijmans. Heijmans has been carrying out the lighting and installations at several sports clubs for years. With this collaboration, Heijmans’ customers are being referred to, so they can disburden the clubs with good advice, business cases, light plans and the subsidy applications. Then, Heijmans will execute the installation work and will ensure quality and safety. Thanks to this strategic collaboration, is experiencing a fast growth and expects to become market leader in the field of making sports clubs more sustainable within 5 years.

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