In 1933, grandfather Hendrik Jan started the Steinhauer family business by producing lamps in a basement in Amsterdam. Immediately after the Second World War, he moved with his family to Apeldoorn, where his son Paul took over the family business. Back then, the collection was primarily focused on plastic and wood and was produced entirely in-house.

In 1998, the business was passed on to the third generation when Paul’s son Mark took over the company. The business grew to 35 employees. Components were purchased worldwide and assembled in the Netherlands by a group of 160 permanent staff through social enterprises. The collection shifted its focus to more expensive fittings, halogen and metal.

The production started shifting to China in 2002, and since 2016, the entire manufacturing process takes place in China.

In-house design and production:

Steinhauer currently delivers products to online and offline customers in 26 countries around the world. Their main strength lies in the in-house design and development of fixtures. The production takes place under the direction of Steinhauer at four partners in China, each with its own product speciality. The delivery is managed from the central warehouse in Apeldoorn.

For international customers (including the US), the fixtures are developed under a private label and shipped directly from China.

The business owes its growth primarily to the export from offline and particularly online sales. Steinhauer has developed an order fulfilment programme for its larger online customers, so online orders are instantly processed and fully automated for direct shipping to the customer.

Sales for project-based markets also continue to grow for customers such as restaurants, boats, sheltered housing units and holiday parks, for which specialised fixtures are also developed.

The collection is divided up into three brand names. Steinhauer is the basic collection in the middle and upper price segment for lighting and furniture retailers. Anne Light & Home, with its stylish lighting and design, was developed for a younger target audience. Mexlite is a budget brand primarily developed for the online market.

Their rapidly growing subsidiary,, sells lighting directly to consumers in the Netherlands and Germany, Belgium, France and Spain.

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