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Interior Design


Interior Design

Edwin de Kuiper has been designing products since he was young. It’s therefore no surprise that design and technology have shaped his career. He finds striking and practical solutions for problems. This combination led to him start his own design studio in 2007, initially for furniture design solutions ( and business IT processes ( In recent years, he has become more focused on the combination of design and information technology.

Products & Services

From his studio in Deventer, Edwin helps businesses design a positive customer experience. He uses the Design Thinking processes to achieve this. He also still designs products, electronic products and services on a contract basis. His design style is clean, modern and minimalistic.

As a designer, he is always looking for consistency and coherence; if something is missing within a business, he notices it immediately. Businesses who have a solid design for their products and services – not only in aesthetic terms but for the entire user experience – have double the success rate of businesses who don’t. To effectively model your business, you need to hire a knowledgeable and experienced designer. This means that the designer doesn’t only look at the website or the brochure, but also the design processes, the interior and other ‘touchpoints’ in the customer journey.

Edwin de Kuiper specialises in creating the ultimate customer journey for customers. He works together with marketing and branding agencies, but also with interior fit-out businesses in the region (Deventer, Lettele and Raalte). You will find more information about his approach and experience on his websites, and

Edwin de Kuiper: ‘I often start out with an analysis phase. I usually don’t know the business I’m working for, so the first contacts are very valuable. During those moments, I see quick wins which are easy to implement. I can view the business from a knowledgeable outsider point of view, just like a customer would do. That’s why I have developed a ‘mistery customer journey’ process, which highlights points for improvement provides effective results in a short period of time.’

In addition to the ‘mistery customer journey’, Edwin has developed and designed various products in recent years. Here is a small selection:

Inzicht sociaal domein (legal and social knowledge bank)

One of the products that Edwin de Kuiper has designed is the Inzicht sociaal domein (legal and social knowledge bank) for Stimulansz. Over 300 municipalities use this knowledge bank. The site features the full package, including local regulation and legislation, jurisprudence, consultancy, policy, e-learning and a helpdesk: complex information made simple and accessible. The information architecture (IA), user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are all his design.

The Flare

Edwin developed a prize-winning (ASML Award) design for a smart plug for the deaf and hearing impaired: the Flare. A kettle clicks when it switches off. A microwave oven, oven or dishwasher beeps when they’ve finished. If you are deaf or hearing impaired, these auditory signals are impossible or very difficult to catch. The Flare provides a simple solution. It is an adapter that produces light and vibratory signals. Edwin is looking for a manufacturer for this product. The market is sizeable, with a deaf and hearing-impaired community of 800,000 people in the Netherlands alone.

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