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Divider walls for trailers


Divider walls for trailers

Divider walls for trailers. You will find the charms of production for a niche at STORR. This company produces divider walls for trailers. These walls are needed to enable transportation of deepfreeze and cooled products in one ride. Less transport movement is needed because of this, which is cheaper and reduces CO2 release. It is important to guarantee a minus 20 degrees for deepfreeze and plus six degrees for cooled products. STORR produces these walls and counts itself among the only four manufacturers who can do this.

Mister Rath who is director/owner of the company has been active in the transport industry for years. Initially at a company that focused on the securing of goods during transport. It was there that he discovered the benefits of divider walls. At first he specialized himself within that company, he started his own company at a later time.

STORR counts nine employees, is stationed in Apeldoorn and Stadtlohn (Germany) and has a revenue of one to two million euros. He counts MacDonalds, Albert Heijn, Sligro, HANOS, but also coachbuilders and even the UN as his clients. Because the divider walls are also needed in containers containing food for military on a mission in warzones.

50% of total production goes abroad, of which Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France and the US. The desired market share in the Netherlands has been reached, partly because divider walls are eligible for a Tax-deduction, causing the purchase to be more attractive. Regarding export Rath expects to this grow up to 70% of all revenue. Rath may be most proud over the export to the US. “I was approached during a seminar in the US by a company requesting a specific application, which was not available in the US. We did not supply that application at that time, but were able to produce it. Now shiploads are moving to clients in the US.”

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