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Architects and Interior Designers

Studio Groen + Schild

Architects and Interior Designers

Architecture and interior
Studio Groen+Schild works on projects domestically and abroad with 12 designers from Deventer. They prefer to bring their expertise in the field of architecture and interior together in projects. These projects are very diverse: from large-scaled interiors to renovating existing buildings, from homes to expositions.

Workspace as business card
The building where the studio is situated is a good example of their work method: Interior architect Tine Groen and architect Ellen Schild have designed their own workspace in the Grey Silo. Without gas connection, it is a sustainable transformation of industrial heritage. Where once the trucks stood are now their desks. Because of the architectural intervention: a glass expansion and extra floor and the interior with special elements, the space is the business card of their company. It shows what they think is important: architecture and interior are one, and the design has been worked out in detail. The result is a functional and comfortable space with wow-effect.

People at the core
For their clients, the team of Groen+Schild develops spaces that fit like a glove. Designs with high quality, that arise by bringing together knowledge, experience and creativity. Every job requires its own approach and a specific design team. It is Groen+Schild’s ambition to bring design to a higher level and to come up with ingenious and smart solutions with their design team that contribute to the well-being of people.

Optimum use of the space
Sustainability is reflected in all kinds of ways. The studio is an expert in renovating buildings and making them more sustainable. No destruction, but giving buildings a second life. The future is focused on the reuse of existing spaces in all their complexity and simplicity. “We can really have an advantage by using the space that is present in cities instead of focusing all our attention on the outskirts of the city,” says Ellen Schild. With smart interventions in existing buildings, the quality of architecture becomes visible and tangible. For a next life!

Studio Groen+Schild also works abroad and has realised a number of Dutch consulates and embassies. For individual clients, houses in Switzerland, Italy and Portugal have been renovated and decorated. Recently, a showroom and office in Barcelona were completed.

Export Countries

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