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Communication Agency

Studio Wonder

Communication Agency

Sometimes, companies are visible in many countries in a different way that is not instantly noticed by outsiders. Studio Wonder is a company that provides its customers with ‘visuals’, with which the company creates the Marketing, Brands and Art Direction for companies. The products that have been designed are spread all around the world. Visuals that DJs use for the electronic music they play for thousands of people. Campaigns for a brand that is being launched in Mexico and South America. Companies that are on fairs all over the world.

Sander op den Dries and Camiel Voorn are pioneers, think and act differently and keep asking questions to meet customers’ expectations. Wonder Boys that also travel through Europe with ‘De Staat’, a Dutch band, to take care of their visuals during concerts.

Studio Wonder works from the Havenkwartier. From the very beginning, the ‘kwartier’ has been taken over by artists, musicians and free thinkers that have created a community on the industrial site. They fulfil jobs for many customers that are active worldwide. Creating a brand, so it will come to life. Making visuals for a band that will be shown during performances in Europe. Visuals for a DJ or VJ that entertains thousands of people with his beats and ‘Wonder Images’ from behind his turntable.

The bar for graphic design and their customers’ designs has been set high by the boys of Studio Wonder. They have no limit. With their sense of humour, they push the limits and respond to changes. Critically, to create the right logo with their customers.

And sometimes you have to listen to your heart’s desire. You have been a music fan for years and you create your own VJ Collective to introduce other people to music. Wonder Boys, inspirers for the Havenkwartier in the making, but also now the neighbourhood has the reputation it has. They keep renewing themselves. And their graphic designs can be found in visuals, campaigns and logos all over the world.

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