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Suze Maclaine Pont

Training coach

Suze Maclaine Pont studied nautical engineering and was destined to become a sea-faring helmswoman. Sailing is still a hobby, but professionally she took a different course.

Products & Services

Suze started out as a project manager at the TNO research institute. She got off to a flying start. Within six months of her appointment, she had raised 1.5 million euros in project funds. Suze: ‘I found the work easy. I enjoyed the challenge of taking innovative issues to different businesses in the (mainly nautical) sector and getting them on board. I developed my own strategy for turning around the ‘yes, but…’ attitude that many employers have with innovative issues. It wasn’t long before Suze decided to set up her own business in this line of work.

The business was successful, and Suze set up and realised large projects with equally large European budgets. During these projects, Suze discovered that the largest barrier was not the innovation part, but the mindset of the employers. Very often, businesses thought in terms of barriers which were often financial in nature: high investments, how do I get the funding, etc.

Suze decided to focus on this aspect and developed trainings to address this. These trainings are held increasingly more frequently abroad. Suze organises three-day trainings in London and Brussels, for example. That the trainings have had effect and meet a certain need, shows in her 56,000 followers on Facebook. The more readings Suze gives, the more responses she gets from employers wishing to receive a personal training.

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Suze Maclaine Pont | Suze Maclaine Pont