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Te Riele Installatie

Installation company

Marcel te Riele started his business, Te Riele Installatie, in 2008. Marcel is specialised in creating shop floor plans for the automotive industry. For many shop floors in development, Marcel draws up plans on how the shop floor can be set up to maintain and repair cars quickly and efficiently. Te Riele also carries out the realisation of the plans after approval from the customer.

Marcel has had years of experience working in a position where he had to design and install fuel installations. When the crisis broke out, his employer stopped these activities. Marcel was allowed to remain but wasn’t happy with his new position. Marcel: ‘I really wanted to go back to my old job and saw an opportunity to do so by becoming self-employed. I took over the tool van and started out on my own. This was not easy in the middle of an economic crisis, but I had already built up a good network and a good reputation and that’s how the first assignments came in.’

Marcel’s work currently involves plenty of work for car workshops throughout the Netherlands. Besides garages, Marcel also carries out a lot of work for sundry companies which house fuel installations such as farms, logistics companies and market gardens. Sometimes the job gets particularly interesting. Marcel was once approached by an individual who had purchased a second-hand Russian MIG fighter plane with a persistent oil leak which couldn’t be stopped. A trip by Marcel to Teuge Airport solved the problem. In addition to the design and installation of fuel installations, Marcel also carries out KIWA inspections for fuel installations.

Marcel has also devised and installed new workshops for DAF Trucks in Belgium and Spain. DAF had issues in Spain and wanted a Dutch solution to the problem. Marcel went to Madrid with two colleagues and installed a complete workshop for truck maintenance and repairs. Three workshops in Belgium followed.

Marcel enjoys his work: ‘I work with fine colleagues and self-employed contractors. We understand each other and all want to produce a fine and serious piece of work. Doing business is all about people. We enjoy working for fine people who share the same passion for technique and craftsmanship. We visit our customers every day with a smile.’

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