Coffee roasting

Ten Have Koffiebranderij

Coffee roasting

Coffee the way coffee is supposed to be! ‘Slowly roasted’, so the taste is pure and powerful. Ten Have Koffiebranderij (Ten Have Coffee Roasting Company) has been roasting coffee beans and putting together blends in Deventer since 1828. The coffee beans are imported from Middle and South America, Africa and Asia. With the ‘slowly roasted’ roasting process, the essences of the coffee fully come to their right.

Ten Have Koffiebranderij’s long history also contributes to the company’s vision to produce in a sustainable way. A better future for the coffee farmers and their families by contributing to improving cultivation and the crops, education and the purchase of machines. A win-win situation, an investment in people and the environment. New coffee blend series ‘Deventer Leut’ offers new perspectives for the future every day.

Private label
Ten Have Koffiebranderij has mainly focused on its private label during the past years. Roasting coffee beans and putting together blends the way the customer wants it. Suitable for the company where the coffee is served. The customer can choose from several different blends and flavours, that can always be tested. Coffee beans for all kinds of coffee, pure and full of character.

Ten Have Koffiebranderij has had a sister company since 2018: Theeo&Theea. This company offers many tea blends on its web shop. Green, black, fruity and herb melanges with matching accessories, so the cup of tea will always give you that short moment to yourself. Because of the expansion in tea, Marlous can now serve her customers optimally. “Coffee and tea are closely related. Theeo&Theea is a great addition to our assortment. And in order to serve the market optimally (marketing & sales), the personnel has grown along with it,” says Marlous.

Deventer Leut (Deventer Coffee Time)
The Dutch coffee culture consists of chatting and having a moment to yourself at the coffee machine and preferably with freshly-ground coffee. The roasting company has stressed its Deventer loots by creating ‘Deventer Leut’. This is a new series of coffee blends with names that contain subtle references to the past, present and the future. A nice blend in which you learn to value the beans and the roasting process. And the coffee…, it travels all over the world. A fine start of every day.

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