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Ten Kate Flowers & Decorations

Flower shop

Ten Kate Flowers & Decorations is a business where everything revolves around natural beauty. All 20 employees in this family business get to live out their passion for flowers daily. What could be better than working with natural materials and being busy with your hobby every single day? Making works of art from flowers and plants. It doesn’t get any better than this! The biggest compliment that you can get from a composition is to see how people enjoy the results.

Ten Kate Flowers & Decorations is one of the oldest flower shops in Deventer and has developed into a world-class business within the flower trade. Since 1985, Ten Kate has been internationally active at fairs, events and private parties. The shop in de Worp is still there (650 m2!), and they have a second location nearby that houses the events department with an office, warehouse, binding and logistics department. As of 2021, Ten Kate is also allowed to carry the predicate Purveyor to the Royal Household, in recognition of the craftsmanship and reputation of the business since its establishment in 1895.

The export of services includes consultation services for the interiors of fairs, events and celebrations, a full-service package where flowers and plants take centre stage. It all started in 1995 with the European Fine Art Foundation (TEFAF) in Maastricht. Other large exhibitions soon followed in Basel (including Art Basel), Germany, Belgium, France and since 2016, the United States. Closer to home, Ten Kate also supplies flowers for Pan Amsterdam, Military Boekelo and the Deventer Haringparty, a business networking event in Deventer. The Christmas season is particularly busy with the placement of Christmas decorations at companies and organisations in the region. The main eye-catchers in that respect are the Christmas trees on the Grote Kerkhof in Deventer and other squares in the Netherlands. Decorations area also placed in hotel and catering businesses such as Jackies in Deventer or Loetje.

Proud partner of TEFAF For over 40 years, Ten Kate has been a steady partner of the most important art fair in the world: The TEFAF in Maastricht. This fair is all about experiencing the atmosphere. Ten Kate’s floral arrangements significantly contribute to this atmosphere. Her biggest floral arrangements contain more than 20,000 flowers. In 2016, the TEFAF opened a second fair in New York. Since then, Ten Kate supplies all the flowers for this fair twice a year.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | Switzerland | France | United States


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