Translation Agency


Translation Agency

“We bring your story to the other side of the world, translated, localised and optimised. This is what we offer our clients”, says Textcase’s managing director Koert van der Scheer. The translation should be suitable for day-to-day use.

Textcase was founded nearly 50 years ago as an international translation agency. An agency with a small team and short communication lines with a large range of translation services, including book translations, AdWords-translations, document translations, subtitles, online translations as well as translations for interactive web portals. The regular team consists of two people and a phone service, so we will always be available on workdays, and we also have more than 2.000 native freelance translators all over the world. Therefore, Textcase can offer nearly all existing languages as translations.

Right keywords a must for company growth

Textcase often works for Dutch clients who are looking to do business internationally. An increasing number of Dutch and foreign businesses that want to expand their market to the Netherlands and Europe approach Textcase. Textcase is a certified Google Partner. The company translates and localises AdWords campaigns from over the entire world. These campaigns are the first foreign success factor. “In recent years, many companies have experienced successful growth because of Textcase’s specific country-related knowledge and the use of the right keywords.

Textcase helps entrepreneurs with international stories

Textcase has been situated in Deventer for nearly 2 years and aims to offer continuity and coordination within the range of translations for companies from Deventer and beyond. In Deventer, there are plenty of entrepreneurs with stories that are worth telling abroad. Textcase helps entrepreneurs to do that. In addition, Textcase keeps expanding its customer base in a world where communication is becoming increasingly more important and that is continuously changing, just like language.

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