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Thermen Bussloo

Wellness resort

The inspiration for Thermen Bussloo originated while Hans and Ineke Dolman were on sabbatical. During a trip around the world, they visited various wellness resorts that served as inspiration. But: there was room for improvement. Once they arrived back in the Netherlands, Hans and Ineke decided to create their own perfect wellness resort. After long and careful preparation, Thermen Bussloo opened its doors in 2006. Today, the initial 7 saunas have been expanded to 15, and since 2012, the adjoining Hotel Thermen Bussloo offers accommodations as well. 330 professionals work at Thermen Bussloo every day to provide an unforgettable experience for their guests.

Family business

After the establishment of Thermen Bussloo, the business has opened several locations over the years. Thermen Soesterberg, Thermen Berendonck and Thermen Bad Nieuwenschans all belong to the Quality Wellnessresorts family business. Although these resorts differ in atmosphere and customer experience, they also have a lot in common. That’s because they’re all Quality wellness resorts. The positioning of QWR resorts is Wellness, Hotels, Retreats. In Thermen Bussloo, you can experience wellness rituals and customs from across the globe. In Thermen Soesterberg, you experience nature in every sauna and treatment. In Thermen Berendonck, we immerse you in the world of the Arabian Nights. And in Thermen Bad Nieuweschans, you experience the healing power of thermal spring water. Today, the second Dolman generation has taken over as General Director of Quality Wellnessresorts.


Since Thermen Bussloo’s opening, the wellness resort has won various prestigious professional and public awards. The most recent award is the Dutch Hotel Award, the most prestigious award within the hotel sector in the Netherlands. Thermen Bussloo is therefore not only a household name in the Dutch wellness world but also far beyond. Wellness enthusiasts from all over the world visit Thermen Bussloo to experience its many sauna and wellness options combined with the ultimate in hospitality.

Regional businesses also look to Thermen Bussloo to accommodate their international guests. It is these businesses’ way of showing how much they value the relationship with their guests, something their guests can certainly appreciate. The hotel with 73 rooms is therefore fully occupied both during the week and at the weekends.

Continuing development

Working on quality and hospitality never ends. Thermen Bussloo strives to become one of the world’s top three wellness resorts. Visitors will therefore continue to be surprised by new ideas and concepts.

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