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Audiovisual Productions

Paul Tijhuis started his career in film in 1995 as a cameraman at Endemol. At the same time, he started his own broadcasting facilities business, Tijhuis AV. Within Endemol, Paul worked on well-known Endemol programs and formats. Paul quickly moved up in position from cameraman to editor and years later to director. Because of the trend towards outsourcing, Paul’s work for Endemol and other Hilversum production companies has shifted from an employment basis to a contract basis via his own business, Tijhuis AV. Paul Tijhuis AV now has four employees and many contractors who they can call in on an ad hoc basis for multiple or larger productions.

Products & Services

Paul: ‘I think that about 75% of our business comes from production companies in Hilversum and Amsterdam. We work on about 15 large productions annually, including shows such as Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden (a popular Dutch soap); The Voice; Holland’s Got Talent; RTL Boulevard; Hart van Nederland; RTL Late Night and Linda Zomerweek. The number of productions continues to grow.’ In addition, Tijhuis AV produces some 30 company films and many event aftermovies each year. These vary from relatively simple film pitches to films where shooting takes place on many locations both locally and abroad.

Tijhuis AV has their own unique 4K outside broadcasting (OB) vehicle. The equipment in the OB vehicle can guide 15 cameras simultaneously and everything can be broadcast live around the world. Tijhuis AV uses the OB vehicle for in-house productions, but third parties can also lease the 4K OB vehicle and Paul Tijhuis along with it. Tijhuis AV also has a voice-over studio and a Pro Tools recording studio. These studios are not only for company use, they are also frequently rented out for well-known cartoon voiceovers. The prices for the use of the recording studio are a lot more favourable than those from colleagues in the western part of the country because of lower overhead costs. It is one reason why many ‘voices’ such as Carlo Boszhard gladly make use of the Deventer studio.

Black Tie Media

Under this label, Paul Tijhuis creates productions according to the ‘everything under one roof principle’; here, he produces everything from A to Z. The largest project under this label was the TV programme Truck and Tractor Pulling for television channel RTL 7. During this event, Paul came into contact with various sponsors and suppliers of tractor brands which, in turn, created new opportunities for Tijhuis AV. Paul: ‘We made a promotional video for the well-known John Deere brand, and for the MITAS tyre brand we produced a film which now has 6.5 million views.’

The future

The company is growing steadily, and Paul expects business to step up in the short term. They are currently working on a contract with TV-chef Herman den Blijker for all of his productions. As soon as the financing and sponsoring is settled, Black Tie Media will oversee the entire production, facilitated by Tijhuis AV. Paul would also like to produce in-house productions of his own, ideally in his home town, Deventer, like he did earlier with Blik in Deventer.

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