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Sustainable kitchenware


Sustainable kitchenware

Tools2cook is a thriving young business aimed at a broad audience of cooking enthusiasts! Founder Natascha Laning: ‘I love to cook and like to use high-quality, sustainable products when doing so. In my search for quality, sustainable kitchen equipment, preferably silicon products, I soon turned to international brands. I didn’t understand why these products weren’t readily available in the Netherlands. I started to think about what would be an ideal shape for a kitchen utensil and which items would be required. That’s how I came up with the seven designs for spatulas and other kitchen equipment from Tools2cook.’ Natascha has a wealth of experience in the retail cooking sector, most recently as a purchaser for a retail chain in the culinary and dining market. And she is an enthusiastic and experienced cook herself.

Own experiences, own design

Tools2cook makes high-quality silicone kitchen products. These products are unique with their ergonomic shape, fine grip and attractive appearance. The function is typical Natascha, the design is typical Dutch. The utensils are available in appealing, contemporary colours. The products always have to meet the following requirements:

– Top quality

– Attractive appearance

– Easy to use

– Long lifespan

The products are made from high-quality silicone with a stainless steel core. Silicone is highly heat resistant, withstanding temperatures of up to 230 °C. It is also soft to the touch and doesn’t scratch. This makes the non-stick coating in your pan last much longer. The products are strong and durable thanks to the stainless steel core. All the products are PBA (bisphenol A) free and dishwasher safe.


The Tools2cook assortment consists of 10 kitchen tools in three different colours. These include spatulas, whisks, brushes, serving spoons and tongs and accessories such as utensil holders, silicone coasters, oven mitts and pot-holders.

On- and offline, in the Netherlands and abroad

Besides the webshop, Tools2cook is mainly focused on speciality cooking and dining shops. That’s where buyers go to be inspired and where the added value of Tools2cook products truly comes to light. Although Tools2cook is still a young business, it has its share of international customers through the webshop. Particularly customers in Germany and Belgium know where to find Tools2cook products. Offline distribution to these countries is also on Natascha Laning’s wishlist!

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany


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