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specialized in real-time and wireless identification of objects

TransQuest Tag & Tracing Solutions

specialized in real-time and wireless identification of objects

Did you know that behind every painting in the Rijksmuseum a tag is placed by TransQuest Tag & Tracing Solutions from Apeldoorn? “Our museum solution for object detection is used in the top 4 museums in the Netherlands,” tells commercial manager Bart de Werd proudly.

TransQuest is specialized in real-time and wireless identification of objects, products and persons. Their technology is used for safety, security and registration work. Clients are the food industry, maker industry, logistics companies, museums, schools and hospitals amongst others.


TransQuest was started in 2002 with the idea that RFID can be used to enhance logistics within companies. De Werd: “We looked at RFID through our logistics-glasses and noticed that tracking of product movement is identical to tracking people. We started tracking and tracing people in a predefined area: who is where, when, and for how long?” Together with end-users we developed a lot of functionality: from handsfree access control, presence- and time registration and from evacuation management to security of objects and asset management. TransQuest uses active and passive RFID techniques, biometrics, and smart sensors combined with their own software service, ReQuest, for their applications.


With 21 employees they realized a revenue of 2,7 million euros in 2016. 80% of this revenue comes from the Benelux. The company also operates in Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “Because part of our solutions are based on specific rulings, we focus on countries with comparable rulings,” explains De Werd. The solutions for access control and security of employees are less sensitive to rulings and laws, therefore employable worldwide.

“When we are abroad, we are there usually because of a Dutch client. That way we did the security in the Angola harbor for a Dutch offshore company. And through another client we got involved in the construction of a railway tunnel between Switzerland and Italy. To secure the safety of the workers, we equipped each worker with a tag and the engine got equipped with a reader.”

Export countries

Benelux | Germany | Austria | Switzerland | Spain.


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