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headless content management system


headless content management system

Jan-Pieter Kroezen of Tricktrack developed a new product that can save a lot of time, money and effort for online marketers and developers. Sending one message through all online channels means a marketer needs to do dozens of actions. “That side-job can soon cost you two hours per day, which is a waste of time. You save that time using our system,” according to Kroezen.


The idea of a headless content management system originated during the development of apps and websites for amusement parks, festivals and cities. Visitors wanted extra information about the program at the right moment at the right spot. This way we developed an App for Antwerpen Zoo which allows visitors to get extra information at the attractions. This can be background information about the animals, actual feeding times, a quest for the kids etc. With this app we add an extra layer of experience for the visitors.

Dashboard for all platforms

During the development of the visitors-app for the Apenheul, Kroezen realized the management could be simpler: using one dashboard to enter the information only once, and then decide through which platforms this should be shared: internet, app and various social media. Such a product did not yet exist in the Netherlands. During development of the Apenheul-app a large part of this dashboard was also developed. After some additional development a new product originated which will be marketed by Tricktrack; a headless content management system. Remarkably, the new privacy laws will already be built in to the product. Users of the product don’t have to worry about huge fines for not following the new rules thanks to this.

Kroezen expects a lot of the new product: “We noticed the Netherlands is in the forefront regarding internet technology. That’s why we don’t just expect to do good business in the Netherlands, but also abroad. We already have contacts in Belgium, and we also just made first contact in the United Kingdom, the rest of the countries will follow soon”. 
Tricktrack expects about 1.000 active accounts in a few years with the help of carefully selected resellers who will sell the product using their own brand. 

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