Trade in used vehicles

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 Trade in used vehicles

In 1988 Wil Krommenhoek founded a company for international trade in used vehicles at the Veenweg in Apeldoorn under the name Spoorzicht. Since 2010, son Sander Krommenhoek is also part of the business and the company has continued under the name Truckcenter Apeldoorn.

Worldwide internet sales

Truckcenter Apeldoorn specializes in international trade in used trucks, trailers, machines and commercial vehicles. Approximately 250 used cars are sold on an annual basis. On average there are 60 to 70 trucks and trailers in stock. In addition to regular trucks there are always trucks, tractors, tippers, container systems or crane trucks in stock.
Sander: “We buy used cars in stock in the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia. In these countries, the cars are always well maintained. We are often looking for specialized trucks: the more unique the better. The competition is smaller than a standard truck. If necessary, we carry out the necessary maintenance or hire specialized maintenance.
Global sales are for both regular customers and customers looking for transport equipment ad hoc. Many customers know Truckcenter via the internet, and we also make an intensive use of Whatsapp. On request we will send potential customers many photos and videos of the truck they are interested in. If they are interested they often come to look. That’s how we receive buyers from all over the world in Apeldoorn. “


Sander knows like no one else how important a good name is: “We attach great value to this because we unfortunately see some cowboys in our industry. Our years of experience and the fact that we are very transparent creates trust in the market. The word-of-mouth advertisement then does the rest: our customers are our best sellers. ”

After sales, the buyers themselves arrange transportation or Truckservice Apeldoorn arranges transport from A to Z for the customer. Truckservice Apeldoorn has been approved by RDW, enabling them to quickly realize all necessary documents for export. The own truck with low loader is switched on if material needs to be transported quickly.

Export countries

Europe | Africa | Asia | South America | Middle East | Australia


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