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ICT Company

TWS Technologies

ICT Company

An exceptionally fine company with proud and committed employees and an inspiring director, that sums up TWS Technologies in Twello. The company was founded in 2002 by three partners who believed that it was time to accelerate the growth of network solution infrastructures in the Netherlands. There was an increasing demand for connecting locations within a company or an institution to optimise workflows. In many cases, wireless microwave connectivity was the only solution. These solutions were initially applied in healthcare institutions and the corporate and educational sectors. Another important market segment from the very beginning was the water boards.

This is not surprising, considering the current director, Rutger Muijsers, first came into contact with TWS when he was still employed with Wetterskip Fryslân, one of TWS’s first customers.

Network connectivity and accessibility

Network connectivity and accessibility are critical for every organisation. TWS has been making sure that this vital function is safeguarded. In theory, there is not a single location where TWS cannot provide a reliable and stable network connection. In-house specialists ensure that customers can adopt network solutions that are optimal to their needs. Design, infrastructure, management and maintenance. 100% worry-free connectivity. TWS stands for safe, reliable and fast connectivity. For small and large customers. With 24/7 service. Whether through the air or in the ground, TWS provides connectivity.

With their expertise, products and services, TWS takes care of the entire process from advice and design to installation and maintenance. TWS offers suitable network infrastructure solutions, any time, anywhere, whether you’re looking to connect two locations with a directional radio or fibre optic connection or are looking for reliable and fast Internet service.

Connectivity as a Service

TWS offers full-service solutions for its customers, which includes the option of acquiring the investments after delivery. Director Rutger Muijsers explains: ‘We take care of all our customer’s needs. The customers pay for their use of the networking infrastructure that we install and maintain. This means that working closely together throughout the process is critical!’

Fine customers

TWS works for a broad customer base, ranging from a large Swedish furniture retailer to an international stock market firm with locations in London, Zurich and Stockholm. Businesses that rely on ultrafast – at microsecond level – information transfers. TWS hasn’t only developed the infrastructure for these companies but maintains their services 24/7. TWS also has an extensive customer portfolio, particularly in the healthcare and education sectors; both sectors are highly dependent on very reliable network infrastructures.


From the Netherlands, TWS services customers in countries such as the UK, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Belgium. The business has offices in Germany and Curaçao, focused on directional radio connections.

Export Countries

UK | Switzerland | Italy | Germany | Belgium


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