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Website Builders


Website Builders

Geertjan Hogeslag founded Uw Website Kan Mooier (UWKM) in 2006. The company has since grown to 22 employees. Nationally, UWKM can count on special clients such as Vopak, Tennet, Zwanenburg Food Group, Bosch Benelux and Achmea. Many of these customers were recruited by means of developing demonstration websites and showing them proactively to potential customers. This works excellently, both at small and large companies.

UWKM only builds open source software, software that is accessible to everyone, enabling clients to easily switch in supplier. UWKM’s open source software must be safe, scalable and deliver high performance. They also include links to ERP and CRM packages.

The export came about at a Dutch customer near the border with Germany. The company’s German customers were impressed with their website and started to contact UWKM. In addition, many of UWKM’s Dutch customers work at international level, which is not a problem for UWKM. For example, UWKM built an innovative internet environment for Simco. This company exports worldwide through 75 to 100 independent agents in their countries of origin. Simco’s American creator wanted all of its agents to start using the internet platform UWKM developed within two years. All versions of these websites have been completed.

German company Plan Software follows a similar strategy. They work for nearly all 500 best industrial companies in Germany. They are specialised in systematically predicting and planning maintenance of machinery. For this purpose, UWKM has built a unique configuration that Plan Software wants to start implementing for its customers. Geertjan: “Dutch companies are doing very well abroad in terms of internet. We are market leaders in many ways and clients abroad value this more and more. We notice that we are receiving bigger and more challenging jobs and that we are successful at it. This makes our job really fun.”

Export ambition

Geertjan indicates that further growth is an ambition. The collaboration with Plan Soft is very promising, so promising that UWKM is going to open a German branch. Plan Soft will have a minority stake in this branch, and the branch will move into Plan Soft’s headquarters in Saarbrucken.

Export Countries

Belgium | Denmark | Germany | Great Britain | Spain | Italy | Portugal | Australia | Turkey | United States | South Africa


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