V-Tron is an innovative company that enables car drivers to drive in a faster, safer and more sustainable way. They do all this by keeping self-driving cars in mind. The company believes in a maximum user experience in which self-determination, equality, responsibility and harmony are of importance. V-Tron’s main office is situated in Deventer, and they also have locations in Helmond, Düsseldorf and Munich.

Director Wim Vossebelt: “We, in the Netherlands, are worldwide market leaders in mobility and traffic management. In addition to relatively traditional products, such as Track & Trace, journey registration and fleet management, our products go a step further. A relatively new product is the Connected Car. By combining different communication technologies, such as 4G and WiFi, an interplay between the road and the vehicle is created. We offer this product to end users through our partners, such as fleet owners, insurance companies and lease companies.

Unique system in Africa

For cars of international assistance service organisations, V-Tron has made a safety product in several African countries. A connection has been created, with which information about continuously changing safety situations in regions and on roads can be directly transferred to the cars. V-Tron’s systems are so unique in the world that there is little competition. V-Tron is considering opening a branch in America and hopes to enter the markets in this continent in the short-term.

Warning system V-Tron is continuously working on new products, such as a mutual warning system for cars that is now being tested by road authorities. Sensors in the car register the iciness of the road, for example, and warn other cars on the same road that are going to be faced with the registered iciness directly through a central cloud.

Autonomous driving An innovation in which many people are interested is autonomous driving. This technology is very advanced. Tests have been conducted with a row of trucks. The first truck has a driver and the two trucks that follow are unmanned vehicles that follow the first truck automatically. V-Tron supplies this technology, which is also available for cars. V-Tron expects to grow more abroad. Currently, around 50% of all sales comes from abroad.

Export Countries

Germany | Belgium | Czech Republic | Austria | Switzerland | France | Niger | Central African Republic | Congo


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