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ValidSign was set up in 2014 and two years later launched a digital signatures platform developed under its own name. Since then growth has been rapid. More that 600 organisations now make use of the platform, making ValidSign the market leader in The Netherlands. The company has 10 employees and the number is growing thanks to recommendations by word of mouth.

With the ValidSign platform it is easy to speed up the business process by automating all signatures. This can be done simply and speedily using a secure cloud solution. The system allows internal and external documents to be sent with legal verification. The signatories receive notification to look at the document and legally sign it.

The system is very customer friendly. Clients and contacts no longer have to print out, scan and return the documents. Another advantage is that the returned documents are correctly archived automatically. The system is also sustainable as it saves mountains of paperwork and printing.

Stimulates sales

Director John Legeman: “ The good thing about our system is that almost every customer is a walking advertisement. We deliver ease which saves companies a lot of time and therefore money. A good example are the 21 water companies in The Netherlands. They regularly receive contracts from head office which each company has to sign threefold. These used to be sent by mail and the process often took several weeks to complete. With our system it can all be done in a morning. Our system also works well with sales. The ease of digital signatures means estimates and contracts come back quicker and also more often. It offers customer convenience and you can demonstrate this to prospective clients”.

International use

ValidSign has many customers who operate internationally. They wanted to know if (employment) contracts could also be exchanged with companies overseas. This is not a problem. Because of this, companies such as Friesland Campina and Spar make use of ValidSign for all their digital contract traffic. In turn, there has been interest from their international relations, asking if ValidSign can deal with their contract traffic too. As a result, the firm now has a foot in the door in several European countries and international expansion will spearhead ValidSign’s drive in the coming years.

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