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E-Learning Health


E-Learning Health

In 2011, Value2Health was founded with the aim to find the right balance between good health care, high quality of life and affordable prices. Value2Health analyses medical information and ranks those with the purpose that medical specialists, hospitals and health insurers will learn together and will increase the quality against low costs. Value2Health has 160 employees of which 80 people work at the main office in Deventer. The company sells brands PART Zorg, Brightingale and Prismant and is a sister company of data processer MRDM.

Effective treatment colorectal cancer Director Wim Smit shows a scientific research that was published recently about the effectivity of the treatment of colorectal cancer. The results for each medical specialist and hospital differed significantly because of different approaches eight years ago. By making comparisons, a lot of insight was created , and the best practices have become the standard. The quality and effectivity of the treatments have progressed enormously because of it.

Value2Health’s information platform played a crucial role. Smit: “Evaluation shows that the number of deaths as a result of colorectal cancer treatment has reduced by 50%. In the Netherlands, that means 600 to 800 human lives! For hospitals and insurers, it is also an advantage that costs for treatments have decreased by 8%, excluding inflation.


Value2Health merged with LOGEX early 2018. Both parties complement each other perfectly. Value2Health is specialised in analysing clinical quality data, and LOGEX is specialised in cost calculations and savings in health care. Together, they have created an international, data-driven combination that covers the entire spectrum of value-based health care. This ‘one-stop-shop’ is unique in the world.

Export ambition

Sweden has been the international leading country in relation to monitoring and adjusting medical interventions. Because of work done by Value2Health and other parties in health care, the Netherlands has surpassed Sweden. In all countries in the world, health care costs are rocketing, except in the Netherlands. Countries abroad notice this and want to learn from it.

This offers space for expansion abroad. Branches abroad have been opened in Sweden, France and Czech Republic. The branches are now generating their first sales. It is expected that sales from the Middle East, Australia and Brazil will follow in the short-term. For the somewhat longer term, expansion to the United States, South Africa and Singapore can be expected.

Export Countries

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