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Teas and Coffees

Van Bruggen

Teas and Coffees

Situated in a beautiful landscape on the outskirts of Deventer on the border with Diepenveen, Steenbrugge is the tea house of Axel and Paula van Bruggen. In addition to the website, online for over four years, the tea house is a beautiful place to enjoy delicious tea, with pastries or a light lunch. There is also coffee of course! You can also go there for a drink. The tea house where you want to rest after a lovely walk or bike ride was opened in March 2017.

In the web shop, the teas and coffees are sold to several different customers in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. A web shop that was created after the following question on the market: ‘Is it possible to deliver tea blends?’ For coffee, many companies already had long-term contracts. Axel: “That’s how I started out. In the evenings, a web shop was built, pictures were made and all other additional work was done.” Paula: “I actually went along with that. I love tea. What is more fun than trying out new tastes and blends that also fit in the business of our customers?”

Axel and Paula are very capable of adjusting their knowledge about tea and coffee to the customer’s wishes. They always make an analyses of the customer – B2B or B2C – and put together the blends for the customer on the basis of their lifestyle. “We would preferably like to visit all customers, but that is not always possible. What we can do is get a good idea of our customers, so we are capable of making the right choice that fits their business.” The web shop as distribution channel has resulted in the tea and coffee also being sold to Belgian customers. The export to Germany, France and England is definitely a goal and this is starting to take off.

Axel and Paula mainly focused on their tea house during the first months of 2017. They made sure that everything was running smoothly. Because of a crowdfunding with a result of 111%, they can now realise their goals. They want to focus on their tea house, the expansion with a terrace and increase the sales of tea and coffee through the web shop. The constant growth of recent years has made them positive about the future.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | France | England


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