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System integration

Van Lente

System integration

Van Lente Systeemintegratie B.V. was founded in 1933 and has been active for over 85 years. Van Lente is a system integrator in the field of Technical Automation, Technical Installations and Technical Management. Van Lente provides innovative total solutions and services for the entire production process and thus provides a continuous contribution to the success of its customers. Its knowledge and experience is used daily under the company’s motto: Think together, act together. Since October 2015, Van Lente has been running a second office in Reeuwijk. From this location, a team operates in the field of building-related measurement and control technology and building automation. Van Lente employs 145 people.

Within the industry, Van Lente is the partner from ideation to delivery from sensors to ERP. For new construction projects, modifications within production environments or migration from old to new, the company offers solutions in: production management, manufacturing and process automation, machine control systems, industrial communications engineering, building installations and panel construction. Customers are mainly found within the foods and feeds sectors. In these sectors, Van Lente wants to be the leading partner for all production companies that operate within.

In 2017, Van Lente has completed a complex task for a new, large dairy factory in Belgium. Van Lente is also proud when it comes down to its self-developed software (OEE) which can detect wastes in the customer’s production process. This provides unexpected and often large savings to the surprise of the customer. De Best: “This way, much money can be saved.”

Export ambition

Internationally, the Dutch dairy sector is regarded very highly. De Best: “Without exaggeration, we can say that it is the best the world has to offer.” Van Lente plays an important role in the industrial automation of the dairy industry and is increasingly asked to deploy their expertise in other countries. Deals are being discussed with several European companies.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany


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