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Van Opijnen

Transport Company

Opijnen was founded in Gorssel in 1946. The business started out with domestic transport, but in the late 50s, Van Opijnen began with international transport.

Due to continued growth, the company based its headquarters the industrial zone Kloosterlanden in Deventer in the 80s in. This is also where the sister company Industrial Services Deventer, which is engaged in warehousing for their customers, has been based (since 1979). In addition to the office building, there’s also a storage area of 40,000 m2, a cross dock space with loading platforms, a tank island and the parking lot on the site. There’s even a well-equipped garage present which is responsible for maintenance of their own equipment and maintenance for third parties.

“Deventer has been a deliberate choice because we are working for a lot of production companies and shippers in this city and we want to be as close to the customer as possible. Our specialty is ‘dedicated Full Truck Loads’ (FTL): we integrate as much as possible in the logistics processes of our clients, “says Van Opijnen.

Besides the FTL transports are, Van Opijnen is also specialized in Groupage, (partial) shipments of pallets, transport of cans for the ‘food and feed’ market, ADR transport in bulk containers, and length consignments which include, among others, steel, if necessary through extendable trailers. For this purpose, Van Opijnen uses enormous covered trailers with an internal height of 3 metres.

Van Opijnen: “All transport is special. Whether it were the first pigeon transports in the Deventer area to the south of the Netherlands and later in the season to Southern France; or containers with concentrated juice that are transported in convoys to the factory in Switzerland from Rotterdam and Antwerp; or our current FTL and Groupage shipments through Europe: each transport has its own story. “

Van Opijnen wants to expand its export activities concerning the Groupage (partial) deliveries, particularly in the target areas, which are Belgium, Luxembourg, Northern France and Germany.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | France | Italy | Luxembourg | Austria | Switzerland


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