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Van Veen Metal Products

Sheet metal

Van Veen Metal Products is a family business that has been operating from Deventer for over 40 years. Gerbert van Veen is the second generation Van Veen who is at the helm of the company. Van Veen Metal Products processes stainless steel, steel, weathering steel, aluminium and zinc into sheet metal, pipes, tubes and beams. Van Veen Metal Products counts 10 employees. The metal products supplied by Van Veen are very diverse. This varies from bases for contract furniture, fastening systems for solar panels, enclosures, lattice and fences, cooking trays and barbecues. An important part of the work consists of the production of cabinets. This concerns both enclosures for the company Enexis, control boxes for access control systems to information kiosks for taxis at the airport. On an annual basis, Van Veen delivers about 2,000 cabinets. This is both custom and mass production.

Many products are delivered to Dutch suppliers, who process them in their products and machinery and then export it worldwide. Indirect exports are thus many times greater. Closer to home, we can also find applications of metal products produced by Van Veen at, among others, the Deventer Hospital, Boreel barracks and the newly constructed building of the Rabobank. Gerbert: “Van Veen takes pride in every job, but some jobs are extra special. In Belgium, there are many large companies equipped with solar panels of which the fastening systems are made by us.” Van Veen has also developed a special nozzle for cleaning probes of BMW motorcycles for a Belgian supplier of auto garages.

New location

Because of the company’s growth, Van Veen moved to a larger (50%) location. The machinery has also been renewed. Now, Van Veen has a 3D Metal printer with many possible applications. Gerbert: “We have received a huge number of positive reactions from customers, colleague-companies and suppliers. With the new building and the existing and new machines, we are ready for more growth in the future.”

Export ambition

Exporting to Belgium made the company hungry for more. Currently, Van Veen is creating an export plan to enter the German market. There are many opportunities there.

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