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Construction Company

Van Wijnen

Construction Company

In 1907, we started with carpentry. Then, we developed into builders and now, we are a company that does even more. We help people and society by creating buildings that increase the quality of living, working, learning and life. We develop, build, manage and maintain. We do that at local level from 24 locations in the Netherlands, sustainably and nearby our customers and suppliers. This connects us with people, we speak the same language as our clients and suppliers.

Over 130 professionals work at Van Wijnen Deventer. From this locations, we serve the region of the City Triangle, the Dutch and the German market.

Our added value
In Germany, Van Wijnen is active in several niche markets. Alkin Kemperman is active at Van Wijnen GmbH as technical leader. “Our German clients often find it a relief to do business with us. We are flexible and good at organising the construction process efficiently, which results in the construction taking place a lot quicker.”

At the moment, Van Wijnen are working hard on a project of 421 student homes in Potsdam. In Essen, a hotel with 173 rooms has been built. For 2019, two of their own projects are on the agenda: residential towers with a total number of 53 homes in 3 Heiligenhaus and residential towers with a total number of 56 homes in 4 Jülich. Soon, the construction of two crematoria will be added. Kemperman: “Cremating had been forbidden in Germany for a long time, but is now allowed by increasingly more municipalities. We are developing several concepts for crematoria for the Dutch and German market.”

All in personal management
Location manager Geurt van de Kraats expects further growth on the German market. Van Wijnen has the advantage that they have got all expertise, from the first planning to maintenance and management in-house. “This means that we are capable of dealing with more complex housing problems internally,” says Van de Kraats.

“Van Wijnen’s mission is to create space for a better life together with our clients and collaborative partners. This means that we, as a business, have an affinity with aspects like sustainability, climate neutrality and cicular development and construction. We completed a large energy neutral recreation park for Landal in Kröv in 2017. We notice that there are growth opportunities on the German market for us.”

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