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Transport company

Verheul Transport

Transport company

1 April 1963 was not a particularly fine day for many people. The weather forecast for that day was as follows: ‘A cold day with an average temperature of 2 °C and a wind chill factor of -0.3 °C, with a minimum temperature of 1.5 °C and a maximum temperature of 2.6 °C. The sun was nowhere to be found.’ Not so for father Verheul; that was the day he registered his company with the Chamber of Commerce.

He started out as a one-man business trading in paving materials from his truck, hauling loads from supplier to customer. Until one of the concrete mills asked Verheul whether he would chauffeur for them. And that’s how Transportbedrijf Verheul started!

Specialised in transport services for the construction sector

Since then, the business has expanded with many new customers from the construction sector. That has always been, and still is, a company speciality. Since 1996, the Twello-based business is run by Leendert Verheul and his brother Jaap, who specialises in the technical side of the business. The company has grown rapidly since then. The fleet has grown from 18 trucks in 1996 to 40 trucks today. All maintenance and repairs take place in their own state-of-the-art garage, where they also carry out maintenance services for third parties.

Flexibility and short lines of communication

As a true family business, the company is characterised by its high level of engagement among the management team and the staff. Professionalism and a service-oriented approach are essential for chauffeurs. After all, the trucks are the company’s calling card!

Leendert Verheul: ‘We feel that we should always be there for our customers. This means short and clear lines of communication and plenty of flexibility. And: follow through on what you say you’re going to do. We work together both with the customer and the end user that our customer works for!’


Besides the Netherlands, the company is also active in Belgium and Germany. The company has several solid regular customers in Belgium in particular.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany


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