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Specialized in producing foils, foams and coatings


Specialized in producing foils, foams and coatings

Veritex started as an artificial leather factory in 1993. Today Veritex is specialized in producing foils, foams and coatings with reinforcements of membranes, knitting and weaves. The products are delivered as roles of semi-manufacturing to clients for further processing in to end-products. Veritex counts 33 employees.

Diversity in applications

Application of Veritex’s products are numerous. Director Mark Huisman of Veritex gives us some examples: furniture coverings, tents, wheelchair coverings, trucks, busses, cars, trampolines and inflatable advertising objects such as finish-arches. Huisman names cars as an example: “We deliver the artificial leather as lining for car mats, but I can think of numerous products for a car that we could also deliver.”
His client’s company sizes differ a lot: from one-man companies to big multinationals.
The automotive industry is an important sales market according to Huisman: “We deliver to all big German car brands, supplemented by Austin Martin, Volvo and Ford. Besides cars our materials also goes to VDL busses and DAF trucks.”
The automotive industry is very competitive. Veritex can handle the competition with their biggest competitor (revenue of 1 billion Euros) as a small family business (revenue of about 5 million) without problems. Huisman: “We deliver much faster: 3 weeks instead of 10 weeks, we cooperate more with our clients and have direct communication. This is valued as much as our product’s good quality.”

Growth abroad

Veritex foresees growth in their future. To anticipate, an extra hall of 900 m2 is being constructed and production will be more optimized. Also the sales team is expanded recently. Veritex is ready for more growth. Huisman thinks growth will be from abroad primarily. 60% of revenues already consists of export.
A nice bonus for revenue growth was the winning of the Austrian Railway’s tender recently. All seats in the new trains will be upholstered with Veritex’s artificial leather.

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