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Asset management

Vermeer Vermogensbeheer was established by a driven team of Apeldoorn financial specialists. They felt that assets could be managed differently and in a more personal way with businesses in mind. Therefore, key target markets are current and former business owners, successful private investors, professionals and managers in employment who wish to see their assets grow. Vermeer Vermogensbeheer, the specialist in Het Nieuwe Rentenieren (a new way of living off of your investments), is a member of Asset Management International (AMI) and is fully licensed by both AFM (Authority Financial Markets) and The Bank of the Netherlands.


During an initial in-person consultation, introductions are made, followed by a detailed explanation of the procedure, investment philosophy and how Vermeer Vermogensbeheer deals with costs and confidentiality. Together with the financial expert, who is both an accountant and a tax advisor, the scope of the asset is assessed, and the personal investment goals are defined in a customised plan. The investment strategist uses this plan to compile the optimal share portfolio based on the desired risk profile. The golden rule of investment is, the younger you are, the greater your chances of capital growth.

Once the decision to work with Vermeer Vermogensbeheer is made, the investment’s liquid assets are transferred to a newly opened personal account at the custodian bank. This bank account is assigned to the customer’s name and is wholly owned by the customer. Customers can directly log into the custodian bank to see what the current status of their investment is. Customers are free to make deposits and withdrawals as they wish.

Successful results

Vermeer Vermogensbeheer works with the acclaimed AMI MT+ investment philosophy. It is a well-thought-out investment strategy that avoids unnecessary risks. Investments are not made in individual shares but globally operating funds that mitigate drops in stock market prices with protective measures. This leads to higher than average results.

For example, if you had started with a €100,000 investment in 2014 with an offensive profile in line with the average performance of 70 asset managers in the Netherlands, then your portfolio would have had a value of €167,350 in 2020. If you had invested the same amount using the AMT MT+ method, the method Vermeer Vermogensbeheer applies, you would have had no less than €269,900 in your bank account. That’s a difference of 102%.

Continued informal growth

Vermeer Vermogensbeheer’s growth comes from enthusiastic word-of-mouth advertising and testimonials from its customers, and the company likes to keep it that way. Given that their customer turnover rate is practically zero, Vermeer Vermogensbeheer offers increasing numbers of entrepreneurs, top athletes, managers, beneficiaries and organisations the opportunity to realise their financial goals and dreams.

Export Countries

European Union | a few countries beyond


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