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Emergency Center


Emergency Center

VHD emergency centre specialises in organising assistance after incidents and emergencies at home and abroad. VHD offers an extensive package of services in the field of mobility, health care, repair & maintenance and customer contact. VHD was established over 50 years ago. It employs over 100 people, most of whom work in the emergency centre or the service centre. This centre is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. VHD is has not been merely an emergency centre for years now. In addition to being an emergency centre, VHD is a certified care centre, has a service centre and a customer contact centre. Besides assistance for vehicles and individuals, VHD also provides assistance for situations that arise during travels, medical problems or incidents in or around the house, institution or store. It also provides 24-hour availability for insurance companies, underwriting agents, assessors, housing associations, store chains, car manufacturers, leasing companies, health care institutions, other companies and government agencies. VHD is not tied to one specific insurer, health care organisation or member organisation and therefore fully independent.

The staff daily faces unusual and unpleasant situations which travellers encounter along the road. Their goal is ensuring great, prompt and professional assistance to the often emotional individuals in need. VHD is proud of its average customer rating of 9.1 which they receive from their clients.

At the VHD Academy, their own and new employees are trained to maintain and improve the high customer satisfaction rate. In addition, clients are regularly invited to train employees in their specific service or product.

Export ambition

Just like the past few years, VHD expects to grow further in the future. An important focus here is thinking along with clients about innovation in their services. “The warm voice” remains central to the service, web-based applications can support this even further. In this manner, VHD can distinguish itself from the competition.

The continuing growth has led to the current building on Keulenstraat 13 having become too small. In 2018, VHD will move to a larger and more modern building just steps away, Keulenstraat 6


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