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Content Agency


Content Agency

Max Schuppert founded his own content agency, VIBE, in 2017. Before then, he worked freelance as a Social Media Manager & Content Maker. The move to setting up his own office was therefore not a big one, and it was quickly made. VIBE has its own office in the heart of Deventer, with three employees. VIBE specialises in the visualisation of online brands. A good concept strategy is an essential part of this process. Max: ‘We are real content makers. We combine texts, photography and film to create coherent and cohesive messages for various target audiences. This is done through social media and websites, supported by offline media whenever possible. We do this in-house, making use of our partners whenever necessary.’

The business’ clientele has grown rapidly since the beginning. These include self-employed entrepreneurs but also large companies such as JBL. A London-based agency provides the JBL social media content for all of Europe; VIBE creates and disseminates the social media content for the Dutch market. For QC Event Group, a business that provides technical support employees for the events industry, VIBE set up a social media campaign to draw employees. VIBE was also responsible for the realisation of that content. QC Event Group won the prestigious ‘Best Event Supplier’ branch award. An important aspect that contributed to the award was their sophisticated social media strategy. Max spent two years in China working for various large clients and had developed a large network there. Assignments are still coming in through this network. The vary from graphic designs to online campaigns for Chinese businesses operating in the Dutch market.


Together with his brother Ivan, Max has started work on the IVAN brand. Max worked as a volunteer in Nepal for three months and came into contact with a small family-run weaving mill. ‘After returning to the Netherlands, we continued our volunteer work in a way by importing scarves and rugs under the IVAN brand.’ The first seven shops to sell the brand were have been set up in the eastern Netherlands, and through their social media channels, on which they are highly active, a request came in from the United States.

Export ambitions

In the future, Max expects his brands to grow, both VIBE and IVAN. Max: ‘With VIBE, we strive to grow into a full-service agency. We have room for more colleagues in our office on the Keizerstraat. We’re just getting started with IVAN. There are plenty of opportunities on the Dutch market for this Fairtrade product and we are also looking at distribution possibilities in the surrounding countries. Our motto is: It doesn’t need to be fast, as long as it’s good.

Export Countries

Vibe | United Kingdom | China

Ivan | United States


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