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full service accountants office

Visser & Visser

full service accountants office

Visser & Visser Accountants started in Rotterdam less than thirty years ago. The Vissers started their own office convinced the customer was mostly looking for a personal and a broad service. Visser and Visser grew into a full service accountants office with 12 offices and 250 employees.

The agency differentiates from others by their strong focus on IT, internationalization and personal contact. Director Henry van Hattem of the Apeldoorn office explains: “Personal contact is embedded in this organization’s DNA. Each office, for example, can only have a maximum of 20 employees or else the contact will become impersonal. Many of our many clients that we service with our team from Apeldoorn appreciate the short lines and our involvement. We experienced a constant growth since the start of the Apeldoorn office; not many companies left us. Always staying critical is important”.

Our focus on IT is also noteworthy. Each entrepreneur can view his company’s financial situation in real-time through a digital dashboard, both inland and abroad. Visser & Visser consultancy can be done efficiently and cheap for our clients thanks to the automation of our many consultancy specialists.

Visser & Visser are part of an international accountancy network PrimeGlobal. This way they can call upon specialists of fellow-agencies abroad in almost any country. On the other side these same offices make use of Visser & Visser expertise for their clients during work in the Netherlands. Remarkably Visser & Visser has his own office in Dubai to support companies wishing to do business in the Middle East.

A lot of contact with Germany takes place since Apeldoorn is Visser & Visser’s eastern-most office. Many big German companies are direct clients of Visser & Visser. This company is still growing through word of mouth. Van Hattem: “We believe in organic growth and aim at family businesses of 25 to 500 employees in the manufacturing industry, flexbranch, leisure, construction and related companies”.

Export Countries

Germany | Belgium | France | Portugal | Denmark | Sweden | Finland | Norway | Hungary | Turkey | South-Africa | the USA | Peru.


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