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Vitiligo Medications

Vitiligo Shop

Vitiligo Medications

Jeannette Kershof founded her business Vitiligoshop in 2010. Vitiligo is a pigmentation disorder which causes white stains on the skin. It is a harmless condition, nevertheless, you can have a lot of problems because of it. The sun burns the skin very often and can cause pain or itching. The biggest problem patients experience is in their social contact with others. As a patient of Vitiligo, Jeannette went looking for a good treatment. And thus Jeanette discovered the product Novitil. This product contains a secret ingredient that activates the residual pigment to greater production. It was such a good fit that she decided to sell the product through a web shop.

Novitil is a product of Dermabest in Canada, where it already has been generating good results for nearly 20 years. Besides Novitil, there are several products for sale. For those who prefer to camouflage their white spots, there is a complete range of the product Coverderm. UV-light therapy lamps are also sold, which allow you to regain skin pigments.

In the spring of 2016, the range was extended with solar products and Aloe Vera. Because of the consistent growth, Jeanette has started outsourcing increasingly more work activities. This saves me much time that is better spent working on the web shop.” For the web shop, Jeannette has also hired professionals to execute an online marketing plan for further growth. 20% of all sales comes from export, and it is expected that this number will increase to 50%, while the Dutch sales will also increase.

When it comes to growth abroad, she focuses on neighbouring countries Belgium and German and the USA for the short-term. With an online campaign and collaborations with patient associations, she is working on increasing sales. Vitiligo patients from all over the world search for solutions for their condition on the internet. This results in incidental sales from a varied range of countries.

In time, Jeannette wants to enter the Indian and Chinese markets. About 1.2% of the world’s population suffers from vitiligo. In India and China, 6% of the population is subject to the skin disorder. There are many opportunities in such a large market.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | Austria | Czech Republic | United Kingdom | Canada | USA

Incidental | Afghanistan | Saudi-Arabia | South America.


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