Wholesaler in energy, oil, gas, paper, raw materials, transport and automotive

Voith Turbo

Wholesaler in energy, oil, gas, paper, raw materials, transport and automotive

The Voith Group is a global technology company. With a wide range of factories, products, services and digital applications, Voith sets the benchmark in markets such as the energy, oil and gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive industries. Voith, established in 1867, currently has more than 20,000 employees and has an annual revenue of 4.3 billion euros. It has offices in more than 60 countries and is one of Europe’s most prominent family businesses. Within the Voith Group, Voith Turbo in Twello is active in the transport & automotive sector in the Benelux with a team of 20 employees.

Active in transport & automotive

Voith develops automatic transmissions, retarders, air compressors, vibration dampers and TurboCompound systems in collaboration with automotive manufacturers. Compact, light, reliable – these are the essential requirements for components and systems. Their services include maintenance, repairs, system upgrades and spare parts deliveries.

Essential elements within the transport and automotive field are the Voith components and systems for railway vehicles such as locomotives, trains, underground trains and trams. Examples of such systems include turbo transmissions, electric drive systems, gear casings and train coupling systems. The latter is a speciality of the house. Voith Twello has its own workshop where the repairs and revision of railway components take place. Some companies carry out this work themselves, in which case Voith then supplies the parts for the components to be revised. The railway vehicle manufacturers then integrate these systems into the vehicles during production. Voith makes train travel at higher speeds, with more comfort, lower energy use and fewer carbon emissions possible.

Also active in the maritime sector

At sea or in the harbour, on rivers or lakes – vessels with Voith drive systems can manoeuvre more precisely, safely and faster. Other criteria, such as onboard comfort and subsurface noise levels, are becoming increasingly important.

Besides the Voith-Schneider-propeller (VSP), Voith has developed the Voith Inline Thruster (VIT), often supplied to the larger pleasure yacht and yacht manufacturers. These Voith shipping products are unique for the safer, longer and more comfortable operation of vessels. For example, Voith has developed a compact, silent drive system that can be used as a bow, stern or retractable thruster. Another advantage of this VIT system is that it is powered by electricity. This has proven critical for diving excursions to the Great Barrier Reef, where electric sailing is compulsory.

Export Countries

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