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Transport company

Vos Transport

Transport company

The history of Vos Transport starts in Apeldoorn in 1947. During the reconstruction after the war, Vos founded an independent transport business. He started out with one truck, but soon the company grew into a full-fledged transport company.

In the seventies, Vos Transport specialised in transport to Scandinavia. Business is going well, the number of employees was growing steadily and the fleet was expanded. In the nineties, Dick Vos takes over the position of his father in the company. In the late nineties, Carel Vos does the same. Together with his son Jerome and with the support of Dick, they lead Vos Transport into the 21st century. With the continuous effort of the Vos family and all the staff, Vos Transport grows even larger.

Since 1 June 2009, the management of Vos Transport consists of Jules Menheere (General Manager) and Jerome Vos (Director of Operations). Vos Transport greatly expanded its services in the field of transport and distribution and is a healthy and stable company. A company that has proven itself. The modern world of transport can’t be imagined without it. In subsequent years, the company sets up autonomous companies in several places. Vos Groningen was founded in 2009. In 2012, Vos Limburg follows and offices are opened in Lithuania and Romania. The work area has expanded to West Europe as well as France and Romania.

Vos Transport carries out national and international cargo and part loads for different companies. The quick turnaround is essential to the success of the company. The total transport group consists of 325 truck combinations, of which the main office in Deventer has 200. Vos has a total number of over 600 employees.

Export ambition

Vos Transport wants to further develop the export in existing areas. Expand the number of facilities, such as rail transport, and increase the sustainability of the service. Jules: “We are no longer road transporters, but a transport specialist. For many of our customers, we carry out transport over water and railways. We see potential for future growth there, which is the reason why we are also investing in the container port that will be realised in Deventer in 2020.

Export Countries

Belgium | Denmark | Germany | Finland | France | Great Britain | Luxembourg | Norway | Sweden


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