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Investment guidance in Agro and Food

Vrian Projects

Investment guidance in Agro and Food

VRIAN Projects has been active since 1992. During its first years, it was active in export and investment support in the agricultural and food sector in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland). Since 2001, it has been situated in Deventer, with a small team that is mainly active in international project management, consulting and training in the context of the expansion of the European market . The focus is in the agricultural sector, food production, exports of machinery and feasibility studies.

VRIAN Projects develops and implements quality systems for veterinary, phytosanitary (plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables), food safety and chain optimisation. Linked to this is the creation of IT applications and accompanying investments abroad by Dutch companies. VRIAN has, for example, coordinated the export of horticulture technology to Turkey for 5 years; they have exported a value of nearly €40 million to Turkey. Thanks to this program, Turkey now features many sustainable (geothermic) heated greenhouses.

Additionally, VRIAN has been running a web shop ( since 1999 to sell polyester and plastic figures such as cows, pigs, deer, horses, and artificial milk cow ‘Baukje’ is particularly popular at petting zoos. These are mostly tailor made for customers, and are sold in large numbers in many European countries. At, several life-sized Friesian horses (230 cm high!) have already been ordered in 2018.

In 2018 Leeuwarden is namely the cultural capital city of Europe. The Frisians take this very seriously, and there are several activities with Friesian horses and other artistically painted animals. For example: has developed an artistically painted Frisian horse (40 cm) for this market.

Because of low overhead costs, Vrian can offers its consulting services and web shop products for relatively low prices. Increasingly more companies contact VRIAN for this. Regular participation in fairs helps: Eurotier in Hannover, NRM Zwolle, Faderpaard Leeuwarden.

To stimulate exports, VRIAN focuses on the agro-food sector:

Forming partnerships with relevant foreign consultancy firms and investors to serve Dutch companiesChain optimisation in natural resource use, energy, decreasing footprintEnrolling for Dutch and European (public) tenders for advice, investment and training projects

Export Countries

For the agricultural consultancy & training projects, the focus in 2018-2020 will be on: Tunisia | Algeria | Morocco | Ukraine | Turkey. VRIAN also has a network in all countries located between Estonia and Slovenia, including Turkey and the Balkan.

For the polyester and plastic figures, there is extra focus on export to: Belgium | England | France | Germany | Italy | Portugal | Spain | Switzerland


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