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W3 E-candle


W3 E-candle was founded by Peter Wolters and René Boom in 2000. Many historic buildings were still lit by chandeliers with real candles and unsafe electric candles. In collaboration with the Government Buildings Agency, W3 E-candle has developed a new electric candle based on LEDs, which resembles real candle light very close in colour perception. W3 E-candle currently employs 4 people.

The E-Candle was first applied at Paleis Het Loo. The existing 2,700 candles in the various chandeliers were disapproved. Now, the E-Candles provide lighting in Het Loo, but also in the Royal Palace on the Dam. The advantages of the E-Candle are legion. It is much more durable: 40,000 hours as opposed to the 1,000 hours of an ordinary lamp. Energy costs are much lower as well (payback period of one to three years), it is safer and the lamp resembles the authentic light of a real candle. The E-Candles hang in palaces, museums, mansions, churches, restaurants and other historic buildings.

Wolters and Boom are proud that the E-Candle is used for the chandeliers in Paleis Het Loo and the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. Abroad, the candles in the chandeliers in the Royal Palace of the Polish king Jan III in Wilanów, Warsaw have also been replaced by the E-Candle. This beautiful project in Poland also generated new orders.

In 2018, they took a prestigious project in Germany. In castle and museum Dresden Castle, the lights in countless chandeliers will be replaced with E-candles. Wolters: This is an important project for us, not just because of its size. The entire German museum world is interested in our project. It could turn into the perfect reference project to get more jobs in Germany.

There is still plenty of work for W3 E-candle. In Europe, there are still many country houses, castles and other buildings that can be equipped with the E-Candle. In the United Kingdom, they recruited a new trading agent with an excellent reputation in 2018. Wolters and Boom expect to achieve significant growth there.

In time, the Middle East will also become interesting. The first step in contacts with a German manufacturer of chandeliers have been made to start working together on exporting to the Middle East.

In the field of product development, W3 E-candle is also making progress. At the moment, they are working on 3D candlelight with moving flames.

Export Countries

Denmark | Germany | France | Great Britain | Norway | Poland | Austria


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