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future beats & housemusic


Future beats & Housemusic

Jonathan Tan grew up with music from early in his life. His father was a preacher and so he came into contact with gospel music at a young age. Through his Indian background, he also came into contact with different kinds of musical instruments in his youth. This was when his love for music flourished.

Jonathan’s first job also had something to do with music. He started a successful web-shop selling sheet music. In parallel, he started his own band in 2013 with three rappers: FATA. A small hit was scored with the song: “Geile Donder (horny thunder)”. This song got some radio airplay and led to invitations to perform in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

After a lot of touring, Jonathan decided to produce future beats & house music under the name Wantigga. He put his own work on Soundcloud, a worldwide online platform for all kinds of music. On this platform, more than 150 million tunes make it Spotify’s biggest challenger. Jonathan’s work was noticed (his songs were listened to 3 million times) and led to invitations to perform as a DJ. At first, he did a modest bit of DJ work in clubs and later in small as well as larger festivals.

At the moment, Jonathan is busy with tours and performances. Every year he does around 500 appearances. Then he’s seen some extraordinary places. Once a year, Jonathan travels throughout South East Asia, doing different countries and cities. For example, Jonathan once performed on top of the roof of Singapore’s most distinctive apartment building. Jonathan had a special experience in Taiwan, where the audience sang all his songs at the top of their lungs.

Now his music can be found on multiple channels. His latest album “Pillow Talk” is available on the Parisian label Roche Musique. Jonathan’s work is also available through the major American labels Soulection and HW&W.

Despite his current success, he still has a lot that he wants to do. So, Jonathan is dreaming of an appearance during Pinkpop or the South by Southwest festival in the U.S. Closer to home, Jonathan has the ambition to transfer his knowledge and skills to musically-minded youngsters from Deventer. He’s already talking to the Burgerweeshuis (Town Orphanage) about this.

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