Sheet metal working

Wemerman Plaatbewerking

Sheet metal working

Wemerman Plaatbewerking was originally a forge, established around 1750 by the Wemerman family. After 200 years of smithing, the focus shifted in the 1960s to supplying steel parts. In 1988, the erstwhile director and fifth-generation Wemerman took over the business, and the company continued to specialise in plate processing.

Since then, the company has modernised itself rapidly by introducing modern machineries such as advanced press brakes, plate punching machines, and laser cutting machines. In 2000, the factory surface area was increased from 1200 m2 to 2500 m2 to create additional space for a fully automated loading robot for the punching machine and the loading station for the laser cutting machine. This has made operating at night and with as little manpower as possible a reality.

Distinctive in the market

Wemerman Plaatbewerking distinguishes itself by supplying quality steel plates with short lead times in smaller and larger series. A high degree of efficiency in the production process is required to achieve this goal, which involves a flexible machine park supported by excellent logistics services, software, and professional employees. The company’s team of ten all-round professionals actively works with the customer and helps them make minor adjustments in the design, for instance, so that the product can be improved on in terms of cost, quality or lead time.

For example, for many years, Wemerman has been a reliable partner for various clients in designing and producing new parts such as brackets for heating boilers. The production and improvement of these prototype parts has often led to Wemerman being offered the series production of these parts. Some clients advise their sister companies to order certain parts with Wemerman, leading to export services to Germany, Belgium, France and Lithuania.

The metal parts, ranging in series of 2 to sometimes 10,000 units, are supplied to the machine construction, automotive (specials), display, shop interior and interior construction, plastic processing, cargo bike and air treatment industry.


For a family business like Wemerman, continuity, independence, and a sustainable company policy are critical values. The 363 solar panels that line the roof of the hall power the machine park and their in-house nitrogen generator (the first in the Netherlands!) At the weekends, the nitrogen generator extracts pure nitrogen gas from the air and stores it at high pressure. This nitrogen is needed for the laser cutting process; it no longer has to be ordered and delivered weekly by truck.

Sixth generation ready to take over the business

Today, the sixth generation of the Wemerman family is ready to continue the family business. Therefore, the company is expected to take new, innovative steps in terms of engineering, designs, machinery, and company management.

Export Countries

Germany | Belgium | France | Lithuania


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