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In 2014 Serkan and Murat set up their own internet marketing company Wemessage. The company has flourished and now has a 15-strong workforce. Growth has not yet reached a peak, as businesses large and small continue to be attracted to the good work that Wemessage can demonstrate.

Wemessage specialises in building websites, online stores and apps. For regular customers they take on branding and offline media too, things like business cards, house style and brochures. Their core business is online lead generation, using online resources to help companies grow. This involves closely working with clients.

Focus on growth, growth, growth

Murat: “We are totally committed to making our clients’ businesses grow. And we expect that same ambition for growth from our clients. We have the luxury of being able to be critical when we take on new clients. Genuine ambition to grow has to be there otherwise the collaboration will never work. At the start of the project we like to raise the stakes. We make a bet that after a year the entrepreneurs will be prepared to double their marketing budget. If this does not happen, either we have not done our job well or, more often the case, the client cannot handle the growth”

Doubling revenue

Wemessage has a lot of clients who began with a relatively modest budget and now spend several times more; fourteen times more in a few years is no exception. A lot of our work is with small and middle-sized firms but an increasing number of large companies and Dutch celebrities are finding their way to Deventer. Wemessage is increasing its workload nationwide and is also taking on Belgian customers.

Own academy

A separate part of the operation, which has grown in recent years, is training in social selling. The client’s employees are trained to actively support the online activities of their company via social media. These training sessions also work well with a large company.


Besides Deventer, Wemessage has a second branch in Leiderdorp which caters for the growing number of clients in the Randstad, the populous west of the country. Very soon it also expects to open a branch in the southern city of Maastricht to better serve the Belgian market.

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