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ergodynamic seats


The chair that makes you move!

The chair that makes you move! In an era in which we sit more behind our desk than is healthy for our bodies. Alphons Hesselman and his business partner Aad van Dommelen founded Wigli in 2007. Their goals is to develop an ergo dynamic chair on which you sit in an active position, keep moving and therefore train your back muscles. Several prototypes had been developed before the ‘Wigli One’ complied with all their wishes. A frame made of beech wood with a rubber seat, a timeless design and three legs.

“Sit up straight!”
You will not have to remind yourself of that when using this chair. You will keep moving, and that is better than sitting still. The businessmen are building a website and the chair is doing well in the Netherlands and the United States. The second chair is the ‘Wigli Just’, that consists of a tubular frame with a height adjustable seat. With their Junior edition, they want to enter the school market.

Alphons currently completely focuses on the sales and marketing of the Wigli. In 2017, a ‘Wigli Junior SoftSeat’ was developed. An adjustable tubular frame with a soft rubber seat that is available in two colours. “You focus on marketing and sales, and this leads to new opportunities. We are receiving increasingly more requests from Canada and America to act as reseller,” Alphons says. However, their wish to become more active on the European office market is also important. After all, increasingly more organisations are aware that a healthy office environment is important to keep their employees healthy. “We therefore started developing a rocking chair with backrest, armrests and the necessary adjustability. The chair will soon be ready for the market. We also expect to then be able to better comply with the North American customers’ wishes, among others.”

Wigli sells their chairs in Europe with the help of distributors. They are still trying to figure out how Wigli can successfully enter the American and Canadian market. With the help of MKB Deventer (Erik de Boer), they will be able to achieve it. By working together, they can create a new focus area for the company and achieve the growth they are aiming for.

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