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Wolff-Vuurwerk was established 50 years ago. It was taken over in 1999 and continues to be run to this day by Jeroen Boerkamp. When this acquisition opportunity arose, it gained Jeroen’s interest because he loved international trade, travelling, culture and China.

Since the turn of the century, the fireworks industry has skyrocketed. Developments in China, greater market transparency, and quality improvements in both production techniques and consumer demand have led to the fact that consumer fireworks in the Netherlands has reached unprecedented levels. Through establishing a solid dealer network and purchasing fireworks from leading suppliers in China in combination with the continuous introduction of innovative products, Wolff has consolidated its position in the market.

Together with a dedicated team of seven people, they spend the entire year working towards those three days at the end of the year when fireworks are allowed to be sold; deliveries to dealers in the Netherlands, however, already start taking place earlier in November and December. Jeroen believes that decorative fireworks should add sparkle and a festive feeling to events. Still, he does have to deal with increasingly restrictive regulations and monitoring, and he is a strong proponent of thoroughly restricting the sale of illegal fireworks.

Conducting business with a focus on the future is a must in this rapidly developing market. Through selecting new, sensational, high-quality and affordable products time and time again together with their dealers, they continue to impress consumers and professional media. International markets, in particular Germany and Finland, are now also being explored to supplement the Dutch market. The use of the Internet for finding and purchasing fireworks continues to grow among consumers! Besides Internet visibility, dealers can also order a wide range of printed products and other advertising media such as brochures, flyers, posters, banners, beach flags, firework lighting and displays, sometimes even custom-made products.

The fireworks market is constantly evolving; the most recent shift has been from explosive to decorative fireworks. As a result, the assortment has changed quite drastically. Today, there is an increasing demand for entire boxes with multiple pots joined together that are set off with one trigger for ‘longer’ firework pleasure. You also see more fireworks packages rather than individual pots, and fireworks shows are on the rise.

The after-sales team helps dealers should there be any complaints from consumers and others during the first days in January. Together, they work with the dealers to provide continuity in the sector and maintain customer satisfaction.

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