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Trade in wool


Trade in wool

Trijntje van Voorden liked to do nothing better than crochet. Pillows, blankets, laptop covers, more pillows… Her family and friends have seen many successful projects come off her hook under her own label: ‘WolletjeBol’. Since 2010, this has been her hobby alongside her busy job as an IT manager. This changed in 2016 when she came into contact with gorgeous chunky-knit blankets. Her love for crochet shifted to knitting! But instead of sitting on the sofa with her knitting needles, she started hand-knitting at the table in her workshop. From that moment, Trijntje started to invest her time full-time in WolletjeBol.

Unique product!

Trijntje found reliable suppliers of 100% organic cotton and wool abroad, where she buys the supplies she needs for her made-to-order pillows and plaids. They are available in all colours, sizes and lengths. WolletjeBol is the only Dutch business to supply these products as a made-to-order, certified organic product. That’s the reason why popular Dutch media channels such as VT Wonen, Seasons, Ariadna, Santé, Vriendin and RTL 4 Sterren Houden Huis devote their pages and air time to WolletjeBol.

The customer base consists of two types of customers: individuals and companies. Both are directed to the online shop through social media channels, where the orders are placed. By presenting everything in English from the beginning, individuals from all over the world order her products.

International wholesaler

Her second group of customers consists of businesses. WolletjeBol supplies her own private label to interior designers. This group is also triggered through social media to reach out to Trijntje. For instance, a well-known German international interior designer in the higher segment came into contact with her through Instagram. She has developed a unique line for them under a private label for which she weekly supplies plaids for international distribution. WolletjeBol also acts as a wholesaler for semifinished goods that are sold to fellow producers in countries such as Belgium, Germany and Slovenia.

The future

The demand for WolletjeBol products continues to remain high. The initial idea that this would be a hype that would quickly pass didn’t hold up. The growth focus currently lies in the wholesale business, where scaling up is the next logical step. By taking on staff for packaging and shipping, extra time is freed up for the production to meet the increasing demand. A fully professional B2B website for international sales ( is currently under development.

Export Countries

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