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Yves Eaux


Yvo van Koppenhagen is an all-round entrepreneur. Yvo produces music and is a much requested DJ operating under the artist name of Yves Eaux. He also leads the communication agency Brands On Fire and produces TV-commercials.

Existence as a DJ started early as a hobby. As a 14-year old Yvo played at school parties. This soon expanded to disco’s and other stages. Nowadays Yvo is being flown in as a DJ from New York to New Delhi and from Moscow to Miami. Yvo being a big name in Russia is very remarkable. He already did tens of appearances in all corners of that big country.

Yvo: “I remember my first gig in Siberia, it’s all a lot rowdier than in the west, I like that. The fun about the Russians is that they do it purely for the party. The “seen and be seen” plays no role with them. I also played at the KazanTip festival. Music is played 24/7 in a hippy-like environment during the tropical heat at the coast of the Black Sea for six weeks long. Very special and something you don’t expect there”.

Besides his gigs, his produced music also travels all over the world. This can be found on over 85 million vinyl’s, CD’s and DVD’s. It can also be heard in many international commercials such as: Hyundai, Twix, Bjorn Borg, Mentos, Lay’s and BP.

Existence as a music producer and DJ can be combined with producing TV-commercials without problems by Yvo. Yvo is very successful with this too. Yvo directed work in which a lot of big artists had appearances, such as: Taylor Swift, David Guetta, Robbie Williams, Phil Collins, Michael Buble, Afrojack, James Blunt and Ed Sheeran.

In this region he is the driving force behind the popular Wine, Dine & Dance parties. Trendy parties at remarkable locations for a target audience of 30+. Yvo: “Actually we just organize the kind of parties that we like to attend ourselves.”

Export countries

Belgium | Germany | Switserland | Austria | France | Spain | Norway | Portugal | Denmark | Sweden | Poland | Czech | Slovenia | Croatia | Ukraine | Belarus | Moldavia | Russia | Turkey | Sri Lanka |  Iran | India | Canada | USA | Japan | South-Africa | Malawi | Marocco | Indonesia | Thailand | New Zealand | Australia | Colombia


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